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chopsticks set + table mat

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Chopsticks made from precious metal stem from Korean tradition. They were used upon special occasions or given to very special dinner guests.
Legend has it that this custom started two millennia ago to protect oneself from being poisoned, as the silver would react andchange color when in contact with a poisonous chemical.
The chopsticks are forged from one piece of silver wire by hand. The result is a similar, not identical surface on each piece, with comfortable grip and weight.The chopsticks rest and the soy bowl are hand-made as well. Each piece has an individual, not identical surface structure.
The set is completed by a table mat cut from firm, vegetable tanned leather.

sterling silver 925/000
vegetable tanned leather
chopsticks length ca. 25cm
ø thick end ca. 5mm
soy bowl ø top ca. 78mm
table mat ca. 32,5cm x 12,5cm