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Most pieces of our collection are oxidised in a particular way. We recommend to avoid any form of silver cleaning liquids or ultrasonic.

In case you don’t wear your silver jewelry for a while, it will tarnish. This is a natural process and can be easily removed. Please use a professional silver polishing cloth or simply wear it, and the jewelry will become shiny again.

The mechanic impact of wearing the silver pieces will brighten the blackness after a while. We decided to avoid any kind of galvanisation or chemical covering on the silver, because it would be a contradiction to the process of natural ageing.

For leather please try to avoid contact with water. It will age more beautifully if it doesn’t get wet. Of course, we are able to exchange the leather of our pieces if necessary. The contact with any kind of skin care products will nourish the leather.

For any further question please feel invited to contact us: trading@werkstatt-munchen.com